Pennwalt Infrastructure

Pennwalt Ltd is equipped with an impressive infrastructure at its Navi Mumbai factory comprising

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Engineering & Design
  • Manufacture of Separations Equipment (Viz Super-D-Canters & high-G Tubular Bowl Super-centrifuges, Vibroscreens ) and Fabrication of Chemical Process Equipment (viz Tanks, Columns, Agitators etc.) to meet end-use customer requirements.
  • Inspection & Quality Control.
  • Ware-house.
  • In-house Research & Development with an applications development Pilot Plant recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.
  • Infrastructure for Fabrication & Lining/Coating of chemical process equipment with high-performance fluoro-polymers.
  • After Sales Service engineers. Pennwalt provides an un-mitigated after-sales service at its customer’s door-step.
  • An impressive Human Resource of well qualified personnel comprising Electrical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Quality Control Personnel, Mechanical & Electrical Technicians, and internationally well trained Fluroropolymer plastics lining Engineers & technicians.
Furthermore, Pennwalt is equipped with manufacturing and assembling facilities encompassing :
  • Wide ranging models of Super-D-Canter Centrifuges.
  • Wide ranging models of High-G Tubular Bowl Super-centrifuges.
  • Wide ranging models of Vibroscreens.
  • Chlorinators.
  • Manufacture of Peristaltic Hose-Pumps.
  • Chlorination Plants & Systems
  • Chlorine Gas Leak Absorption Systems.
  • Application of wide-ranging Fluoro-polymer Coatings & Linings to Chemical Process Equipment.
  • Post-Harvest management of Fruits & Vegetables.
  • Management of Fruits and Vegetables with equipment of International Standards.