Pilot Scale Applications Development

Application specific trials are carried out by Pennwalt Ltd. in their R & D pilot plant, on pilot scale geometrically similar separations equipment such as Super-D-Canter centrifuges, high-G Tubular bowl super centrifuges, and Vibroscreens under process conditions that replicate customer specific requirements.

The R & D pilot plant is also equipped with clean room infrastructure with utilities for testing separation equipment in a Hygienic Sanitary environment, if and when required.

Trials are recommended to our potential customers and can be carried out with representative samples of their process feed, primarily on geometrically similar pilot scale test Separations Equipment at Pennwalt Ltd’s World Class Research & Development Centre, which is well equipped with geometrically similar pilot scale Pennwalt Super-D-Canter Centrifuge Models P600, P660 and P1500, with a 24” Pennwalt Vibroscreen and with Pennwalt Models AS-12/AS-16 high - G Tubular Bowl Super Centrifuges all of which are made to operate under customer’s process specific operating conditions, comparable and scalable to the industrial models to be operated under customer-specific site conditions. The Pennwalt pilot plant is also well equipped with utilities such as steam boiler, cooling media and with agitated tanks equipped with heating and cooling media circulation facilities to replicate customer specific process conditions during the pilot scale trials that are carried out in the pilot plant and witnessed by the potential customers. On the basis of these pilot scale data, recommendations and detailed specifications of scaled-up equipment are provided to the potential customer.

Pennwalt is also equipped with laboratory testing facilities for preliminary testing and evaluation of the products fed to and emerging from the separations equipment during trials. Thus the feed material can be assessed in accordance with its settling characteristics, scrollability and separability for appropriate selection of pretreatment techniques and for evolving the Technical Specifications of the commercial scale Separations Equipment required to match customer’s targeted separational performance requirements.

Subsequent to the pilot scale evaluatory trials at the Pennwalt pilot plant, further detailed assessment trials can also be carried out at customer site by Pennwalt Process Engineers and Technicians with either the pilot scale and also if necessary on the industrial scale models, to further confirm the extent to which the targeted separational equipment performance can be achieved with variations of process feed slurry characteristics that occur under site operational conditions.

Furthermore, Pennwalt Ltd., is also equipped with an infrastructure of utilities and separations equipment for Development of turn-key Processes centered around its separations equipment.