The Super centrifuge is a vertical high speed tubular bowl centrifuge, generating centrifugal force up to 20000 times the force of gravity. It is used either for continuous separation of two immiscible liquids having different specific gravities or for batch-wise clarification / polishing of liquids containing fine insoluble solids.

Pennwalt Ltd. are manufacturers of high-G Tubular bowl Centrifuges model AS12, AS16 and AS26 based on the technology acquired from Sharples Stokes Division Pennwalt Corporation-USA.

Pennwalt also supply spare parts manufactured to international standards that are interchangeable on each of the above models of the high-G Tubular Bowl Super Centrifuge


How super centrifuge works

This sectional view of a Super-Centrifuge shows the application of centrifugal force to a mixture of two immiscible liquids containing some suspended solids.

The mixture continuously enters the Super-Centrifuge through an inlet feed nozzle at the base of the machine, into the hollow cylindrical rotor. Rotors have been designed and engineered to rotate at 17000 r.p.m. and generate centrifugal force of upto 20000 times the force of gravity.

This force separates the two liquids according to their specific gravities into concentric cylindrical layers, and the solids are deposited inside the rotating bowl against the rotor wall.

The separated liquids are continuously displaced upwards by the incoming mixture and continuously discharged through their respective outlet ports at the top of the rotor. The layer of accumulated solids that builds up on the inner diameter of the rotor wall is cleaned out batch-wise for which the super-centrifuge is shut down when it is filled up to the rotating bowl’s limiting solids holding capacity and the rotating bowl is removed for cleaning.

There are, however, many applications where only the removal of suspended solids from a single liquid is required. Super centrifuges for such applications are called Clarifiers and are often provided with only one set of discharge ports. Mylar Liners are optionally supplied and can be placed on the inner diameter of the bowl for ease of removal of insoluble solids deposited on the inner diameter of the bowl.

General Applications

The fields of application of the Super-Centrifuge are almost unlimited. The number of processes which involve a liquid / liquid, liquid / liquid / solid, or liquid / solid separational steps are too numerous to be described here. A few of the better known ones are mentioned briefly below:

General applications here includes

Clarifications of

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Applications here include:

Food Manufacture

Paint and Varnish

Materials of Construction: Numerous options are available as per application specific customer requirements. If required all parts in contact with process material can be of stainless steel.


A Super-Centrifuge with accessories such as feed and discharge pumps, thermostatically controlled heater, in stationary or portable execution, is a very useful unit for a modern factory (Enblock Unit) for:

Oil Purification

For Power Stations

Units with stainless steel bowl, special safety features such as anti-flood device and indirect heater are recommended for modern thermal power stations for purification of turbine lubricating oils.

In steel mills and engineering works for the purification of:

Special Applications & Salient Features

For Bio-diesel Production

The model AS-16 and model AS-26 high-G Tubular Bowl Super Centrifuge are used for the following separations in Bio-diesel Production to obtain the final purity of Bio diesel to international standards eg. ASTMD-6751:

  • Machine can be operated at high G forces up to 20000 x G
  • Centrifuge enclosure can be designed for N2-blanketting & minimum solvent vapors loss wherever excess methanol is present.

Features :

The machines can be supplied whenever required, with special features for minimizing solvent loss and for mitigating solvent hazards.







For Human Blood Plasma Fractionation

Both the Model AS16 and AS26 Super-centrifuge models are available with electro-polished Vaportite / Vapourseal covers which are ideally suited for fractionation of Blood Plasma based on variations of Cohn’s Process wherein the slightest contamination means the loss of a complete batch. Furthermore, the three piece frame comprising the pedestal, barrel and swivel head is painted in white to a pharmaceutical finish. Furthermore, the stainless steel contact parts such as the bowl interior in Stainless Steel or equivalent material, the stainless steel covers and certain stainless steel drag components are polished to high sanitary standards to ensure functionally satisfactory performance. In addition, the barrel is preferably jacketted for cooling media circulation and the pulley assembly is fitted with grease packed bearings to ensure a clean, reliable and effective performance. Flame Proof Electrical Drive Motor and Flame Push Start-Stop Push Button station can be provided for safety during operation. Features can also be provided for Inert (N2) Gas purging wherever required for safety.

For Pharma & Bio-technology Applications

Many hazards with industrial bio-processing with real or perceived risks such as highly pathogenic bacteria, viruses, etc. need to be processed using Model AS-16 and AS-26 high-G Tubular Bowl Super Centrifuges which are built with Sanitary Design Features for separation of Biological material, and are featured for Biotechnology application requiring BL-1-LS containment of biohazards. The super centrifuges can be also featured for BL-2-LS containment of biohazards, if necessary. To ensure safe processing, a risk assessment, corresponding bio-hazard containment and bio-safety issues must be examined by bio-process engineers of the end-use customer. The super centrifuges are featured and designed with the relevant appropriate containment for Sterilisation-in-Place which should be validated by the end-user’s bio-process engineers and operators.

Features :

Applications :

General Specifications

Model Laboratory Super Centrifuge AS12 AS16 AS26
Bowl Speed, rpm Operational/max 23000 / 25500 15000 / 17000 15000 /17000 115000/17000
Centrifugal Force operational/max 13150G / 16200 G 13200 G / 17000 G 13200 G / 17000 G 156000G/20000G
Total Bowl Capacity Liters 0.3 3.1 6 9
Bowl Dirt Capacity Liters 0.2 2 3.5 5.25
Bowl Weight Kg (Empty) 1.38 11 17 25
Motor, KW 0.19 1.1 2.2 3.7